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3D 4D ultrasonography is a modern diagnostic ultrasound technique that allows to obtain three-dimensional images of the examined structures. The technique allows to obtain 3D images of immobile structures such as tumours. In the case of 4D technique, the image is observed in real time, which means that we observe the changes in the examined structure ‘live’. For obvious reasons, it is most relevant in the foetus examination: we can observe the baby’s movements, his facial expressions, etc. 3D technique also enables the evaluation of the structure and the capacity of the uterus and the endometrium, ovarian cysts or tumours. Such scanning technology requires high quality ultrasonograph because it needs a computer of massive computing power.

stolik_usgIn SOFIMED we perform an ultrasound examination with the use of a professional Voluson 730 Expert device equipped with the high frequency heads, designed from the outset to perform 3D/4D ultrasonography. The Voluson 730 Expert features allow to achieve unparalleled image quality in comparison with other devices. The device is ideal for the foetus diagnostics, including ‘genetic ultrasound’ tests in the first and the second trimester of pregnancy. At the request of the patient, the course of the examination is recorded on a DVD disc. The best images are printed with the dye sublimation printer, which allows to preserve them for a long time. They are also saved on a CD disc. You and your relatives can also watch the entire examination on the additional monitor.

For the purpose of determining the risk of genetic defects, except for using Voluson 730 Expert ultrasonograph, a special program is implemented in SOFIMED which was developed by the Foetal Medicine Foundation and is implemented ONLY by ultrasonographists qualified with FMF certificate to perform such examinations.


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