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Oncological surgery deals with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of the premalignant and malignant changes. SOFIMED proposes the surgical procedures for the removal of skin bearthmarks, breast lumps, and others, performed under local anesthesia.

The majority of lesions found in clinical imaging (breast ultrasound, MGR, MRI) requires histologic verification. The most common technique is fine needle aspiration biopsy (BAC), performed under ultrasound control and involving the puncture of a breast lesion and aspiration of cells into a syringe.
Sometimes the nature of the tumour requires a core needle biospy (BGI). The technique is similar to the BAC biopsy, but the needle is thicker and specially designed for breast biopsy. BGI enables receiving a full blown material for histopathological evaluation and the test result is much more specific than in the case of the BAC biopsy. Both described techniques do not require the use of anesthesia.

In certain cases, the best solution is surgical removal of the whole lump from the breast. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and consists of cutting out the tumour through 2-3 cm long skin incision and placing the sutures. This technique is diagnostically most valuable because it leaves no doubt as to the nature of the lump and removes it completely. All of the above treatments are performed in SOFIMED.

Many people struggle with a number of pigmented moles on their skin. The majority are benign, but sometimes they may be the beginning of skin melanoma – a deadly cancer. That is why, it is essential to regularly observe mole pigmentation changes. The best way to do that is consulting the doctor who will examine the changes by using dermatoscope. The doctor will assess the nature of the change and, where justified, will propose the removal of the mole under local anesthesia. Feel welcome to visit SOFIMED and undergo dermatoscopy examination and surgical removal of pigmentation changes.

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